The comments below this point were from Al's 55th Sobriety Birthday Party:

From Pat Gallagher:

Al, you have been an inspiration to me since my very early sobriety. You always get to the point, you keep it simple and you make me laugh! I love hearing you talk about the early days of AA in this Valley. You walk like you talk and you keep giving. Just make sure you keep on keeping on! We love you!
Pat Gallagher

From Mary F.
San Jose, CA

Happy 55th Al!
Thank you for passing on the good news that we can recover!



From Tom T:
Palm Springs, CA

Dear Al:
Happy 55 years  San Jose AA is where it is today largely on your efforts.
God Bless You and your entire family

From:  Cece Garrison
Atlanta, GA

Al, You are one of a kind and a great inspiration. I have enjoyed working with you on plays and have also been with you in those tough times as you provided support to others. May God richly bless you as you continue to walk this path.
Cece Garrison
Atlanta, GA

From the photographer and web master:

The Book, the Power and the People. Wow...what a truly loving event. 

It's been my pleasure and frustration to meet with Al on 2 recent afternoons to try and tape an interview  to put on Jack Holt's Memorial Dvd. I'm sorry to say that both attempts have resulted  in disastrous technical problems.

However, I'm pleased to report that Al's spirits even after take "493" remained patient, loving and downright delightful. 

It's been a long weekend for me. It shouldn't be hard to improve on this 1st tribute. Please take a moment to submit one...It'll make ya feel good.

With Love....really....Doug.
(209) 768-4104


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