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 From Nicki Banucci (step-daughter)

Don ~ I never knew how much I'd miss you until you were already gone. I'm so glad to have known you these past 15 years. You will continue to touch my life & others forever. I miss you Donnie.

January 23, 2206

 From Patrick Lynch

I am sorry that I never knew Don personally.  I know how much I looked forward to hearing him share at the Sunday morning meeting for the last 15 or 16 years.  I looked forward to hearing his wisdom and trying to incorporate that in my life.

I appreciate the prayer that you reprinted as it is one of the things that I learned from Don.


   January 16, 2006
   jim houston (mi wuk village, CA )

   January 15, 2006
Don, Fran and All the Dugans:

My deepest sympathy on the passing our beloved Don. D2 was a good friend to me these many years during our weekly Saturday excursions at the Think Tank with all 88 of us and in all those other special days of knowing him in between. Rest well my friend.
   San Ramon Fred Schreiber (San Ramon, CA )

   January 11, 2006
Don & Fran, I will always remember both of your counsel when I was going through some pretty hard times in my marriage. Don to me & Fran to my wife, at the Fri Nite Transfiguration meeting. I'll always remember the distinctive bass voice filled with kindness & genlteness. God Bless you both KO
   Keith Okuniewicz (San Jose, CA )

   January 10, 2006
Don and Fran - How blessed I am to know you both. Don, as my sponsor, you could always make me laugh even when life had me in a knot ball. The funny stories of how you made me laugh are long being told in the rooms around Longmont Colorado. Grace and Peace go with you my friend. I'll see you again.
   Michael Cocannouer (Longmont, CO )

   January 10, 2006
I believe in every person's life there are special people who leave a lasting impact and a recurring image of hope and strength. Don,you were one such person to me. For as long as I go to the Saturday morning ThinkTank meeting I will remember an image of you sitting in that chair next to the door. Your presence in that chair was a God-given message to other men walking through the door that they too could stay sober and enjoy life...one day at a time. I'll miss you my friend, and see you again one day when you won't be bound by these frail, flawed human coverings of our eternal souls.
   Steve Gerick (San Jose, CA )

   January 4, 2006
You had always brought a smile to my face, I had the priviledge of working in the buisness while you work at HD and you were always pleasant and of course sometimes honorary. As I began the program you and Fran were as always an inspiration to us all. May you rest in peace with our lord. Fran you and your family will always be in our prayers. God bless you always and forever....
   Sonya Schuster (Salas) (San Jose, CA )

   January 4, 2006
Bob and I will always have wonderful memories of Don singing karaoke at our house and playing the King in our Cinderella movie. He was an inspiration to all of us who loved to listen to the wisdom that spewed from his big broadcaster voice. Much love and bless you, Fran.
   Dawn Pollard (Los Gatos, CA )

   January 3, 2006
We did not know each other well But, Don was a very special person to me. He helped me in so many ways, with his words but, most of all he was one of akind.Always smiling no matter what. He always gave me hope. God Bless
   Susan Roach (San Jose, CA )

   January 2, 2006
You always said "I'm delighted to be here." The truth is, we were delighted by you. I, certainly, have been both delighted and enlightened by the time we shared. You continued, and enhanced, a legacy of love and service. Thank you.
With love, Jason
   Jason Blackstead (San Jose, CA )

   January 2, 2006
Dugan Family,
Don was a powerful and inspirational force in my life. I will be forever grateful for the time I was allowed to spend with him. Don will be missed by many.
God Bless.
   Frank Williams (San Jose, CA )
   January 1, 2006
Dear Fran,
I am so happy to know you and grateful for your friendship and guidance. I will always remember our special sailing trip together in Santa Cruz. Don was a positive and kind man who touched many lives, including mine. I always felt like he was "rooting" for me when I was struggling. His warm smile and bright eyes never failed to give me hope and support. How blessed you both were to share your lives and sobriety together for 16 years. Thank you for being such a graceful and strong role model through this difficult time.
With lots of love and gratitude,
Gretchen :o)
   Gretchen V. (Santa Clara, CA )

   December 29, 2005
Well dug, your famous posse rides on--into the sunset of our lives -- Will long remember my start in recovery as a guest in your home in 1980. How gifted in words & wisdom, with a special for helping others in sobriety. My prayers go out to all your loved ones. Joe W
   Joe W\ard (San Jose, CA )

   December 29, 2005
Fran and family:
Don's passing is a great loss. We will forever miss his inspiration and love for those he continually helped to make life better. HIS POSSE WILL RIDE FOREVER.
   paul comey

   December 29, 2005
Dearest Fran,
I never knew Don and I have known you for a short time, as we both share employment.
I do know however that you have been a great source of courage, love and comfort to Don. You kept going when it was easy to give up. Bless you for the love and care that you have shown and may you be rewarded for your kindness.
   Sharon Safdie (Cupertino, CA )

   December 27, 2005
Dear Fran,
I'm so sorry for your loss!! I love and miss Donnie so much!!!! Even though I have not seen him in a few years he is always in my thoughts.
   Barbi Zissen (san jose, CA )

   December 27, 2005

Don, I'm going to miss you on our retreats. You were always an inspiration and gave me the guidance I needed when asked.

My sincerest condolences to Fran and your family.

Ernie Bollinger San Jose
   Ernie Bollinger (San Jose, CA )

   December 24, 2005
Fran and my AA family - My thoughts are with all of you. My memories of Don are at the beginning of my own sobriety. I am blessed to have such a wonderful man part of my foundation. So he lives on. In so many people. He will always be an inspiration and all I have to do is close my eyes and see him to know that he is not gone. He lives in the hearts of so many.
   Deborah Dolenz (Phoenix, AZ )

   December 23, 2005
Dear Fran,

My thoughts and prayers are with you.

   Bernadette Proulx (San Jose, CA )

   December 23, 2005
Dearest Fran and Family;

I met you for the first time last saturday at the VA hospital while Cole went to visit Don. I want you to know that my heartfelt prayers go out to you and everyone that had the chance to know Don and learn from him. By reading the entries in this book, it gives me a great sense of the important role he played in all your lives and on earth.

Hugs to all.
   Debbie Cameron (San Jose, CA )

   December 23, 2005
Fran and family,
Your Don was always someone I could count on to tell me the truth in a way I could receive and use it. So many gifts to so many by Don and you. As I said to you at the VA when I saw you, if there is anything I can do, let me know.
love, cole & debbie
   Cole Cameron (San Jose, CA )
December 22, 2005
Don Dugan, you rascal you! You outlasted all the odds, and continued to inspire and amuse, even when breath was short, and energy flat. Roger and I consider you alive and well in our hearts, and you will live there forever. We love you Dugie.
   Maryly Meade (Mariposa, CA )
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   December 22, 2005
Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Dugan family. We will mis our good friend Don. We know he is at the big meeting in the sky.
   Michael & Katie Renwick (Boulder Creek, CA )

   December 22, 2005
Don will live on forever in our community. His was a big presence that gave a new life to many of those who he helped. His is a long shadow that will be missed.
   Mate Gross (Los Gatos, CA )

   December 22, 2005
As a fellow member of the Class of ’82 I will truly miss my brother Don. His dignity and class were only exceeded by his love and grace.

God Bless and much love to Fran and the family.
   Bill and Joy Downey (San Jose, CA )

   December 22, 2005
Your voice, your candy, and your love were such rich gifts, Don. Thanks for not taking the first drink one day at a time. And being a member of AA so I could see how it works. We were all so blessed by your sobriety. We will remember you.

   December 22, 2005
I will always remember your kindness and compassion. I will also remember dinners at Harry's Hof Brau, your inspiring message of hope, and spending Sunday mornings at the Neighborhood Center with you and Fran.
All my love to Fran and the family.
   danny p. (scottsdale, AZ )

   December 21, 2005
It was a pleasure knowing Don at the Sat Night meeting at St. Timothy. My condolences go out to Fran and the family.
Fred A
   Fred Anderson (San Jose, CA )

   December 21, 2005
You were a pleasure to know. You and Fran made a huge difference in my life and I will be forever grateful to you both. May you rest in peace.
   April Smith (San Jose, CA )

   December 21, 2005
Dearest Fran I am so sorry to hear of your loves passing. I feel so privledged to have known Don, and I remember how sweet it was to spend a Sunday afternoon after Spiritual Progress at the Dugans laughing...out loud. My prayers are with so many of my friends in Ca who were so close to Don, I know your hearts are breaking. Deb
   Deb Hite (Greenfield, MA )

   December 21, 2005
Thou we haven't seen each other much of late, it always brightened my day whenever we met. Don will surely be missed. A.A. has lost a really good one. My prayers to Fran and the rest of the family. May God Bless You All.
   Dennis Herigstad (San Jose, CA )
December 21, 2005
Thank you, Don for sharing your experience, strength, and hope. We are better for knowing you. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
   Julia Sullivan (Saratoga, CA )

   December 21, 2005
I'll never forget you. You were there when I needed you the most.
   marty katz (los gatos, CA )

   December 21, 2005
You will be missed, Don. My life was fuller and richer for having known you.
   David Mentink (San Jose, CA )

   December 21, 2005
You were a shining example of Love & Service and such a gift to us all. The light you shared has brighted lots of dark corners in this world. My love & prayers go to Fran and your family. Thanks for being part of my family.
   Pat Gallagher (Los Gatos, CA )

   December 21, 2005
My condolences to Fran and the rest of the family.

I remember you when you first came to our meetings and will always be grateful for our friendship.

peace and love
al b
   Al Bennett (Gilbert, AZ )

   December 21, 2005
With supreme gratitude for your friendship and your contribution to Alcoholics Anonymous.
I shall not forget.
   Anne Herigstad (San Jose, CA )

   December 21, 2005
My deep and heart felt condolences to the family of my dear friend and mentor Don Dugan. I really only started to get to know Don a couple of years ago as we shared breakfast every Saturday morning at the Alano Club West prior to attending the Saturday Morning meeting "The Think Tank". Don will be sorely missed for his humor, straight forward honesty, and positive outlook on life in general, at least the side of him that he presented to his fellow AA members. I know he has helped many people on their way to recovery; he certainly helped me through a very tough time I was experiencing even though I had a number of years in the program. He was always willing to listen and share his “experience strength and hope” even when to do so was a challenge. I loved him and will miss him greatly. I know the knowledge and wisdom he shared with me will last a lifetime. Thank you Don!
   Mark Parker (San Jose, CA )

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