John Eugene Carney
September 22, 1927 - March 10, 2005

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Sorry John, all tribute from this sober man must be given to your family, who loved and lost more. To Johns family I knew so well, and will love forever.  You invited us into your home and treated us like family. Then we barged in uninvited and you treated us like dignitary. You demonstrated patience and tolerance with a smile and a hug. You shared your trust and your faith; you gave your hope and your love. As if that wasn’t enough, every year you shared with us your Christmas.
John would often tell us that the greatest example of forgiveness and unconditional love he had ever witnessed was when his wife and children let him stay.
So I thank the Gods, for the Carney family, for their love and sacrifice of John, who shared it with us, so we pass it on…           Chuck McInerney~ 









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