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From a 19 year old man serving in South Korea: August 2, 2004

Even though I am only 19 years old I have been through a lot in my life and seen a lot of things that I wish upon no one. I first meet Jack when I was 15 years old and that day changed my whole life. I sat with this man and he told me his life story and told me what he has done, and then what not a lot of people do when they tell there story is ask about yours and this man did. He asked me questions about my past and cared about what I did and answered all my questions about life and decisions. Ever since that day Jack was a great inspiration to me and in my life. Then at the age of 18 I decided to join the army and serve this great country, and I asked Jack to come to my going away party and when he showed up it was like everything was going to be ok and he would guide me into this new life. Little did I know this would be the last time I would talk to him, one day I called my mom, Carol Simmons, while in Basic to find out the terrible news about Jack. But though I cried myself to sleep that night and was crushed for that week, little did I know that Jack was right there with me and I felt like I could talk to him still. Even though I can not see him or hear him I talk to him and I feel the like he is talking back to me. I appreciate Doug for taking these pictures and posting them so I can see what I can not be at, as I am in South Korea, and I just want to say that I enjoyed seeing all those faces and people again and to see that I am one of many people that Jack has touched and helped in many ways. I love you Jack and you will never be forgotten.
PFC Hansen, Gary (U. S. Army, fighting for Jack)

From Wild Angel aka Maggie:                                                    August 2, 2004

Jacks Last Ride


Pack him up
tie him on
It's time to take Jack
on a run
All his friends
come out to ride
Those he rode with
side by side
Down the freeways
out on the roads
Over the hills
without any loads
Wind in the face
cool air on the skin
Up the winding road
freedom and then....
Sonora Pass
is the goal
Where Jack liked to ride
deep in his soul
His friends come together
to honor the man
to say their good-byes
the best that they can
Good-bye Jack
you'll be missed my friend
I'll see you on the back roads
again and again

From Step Daughter and friend Denise Montoya:

A tribute to Jack.

Jack you were my stepfather and my friend.  I am 35 years old now and Jack you have been in my life since I was 10.  There were good times and bad isn't there always.  Jack married my mom Chris who has also passed on. My mother suffered along time with her disease. I am only comforted in knowing that Jack did not have to do the same. I am also very comforted in knowing that he found happiness not only in his sobriety, but he found good people to share his life with and a good woman, Judy.  I can only be thankful that I invited him to my nephews birthday party in February of 2003 and he came.  He saw and visited with my grandfather that he had not seen in about 14 years they both were heavy equipment operators and could  talk about there love for tractors for hours.  We had a great day. Who would of thought it would be the last day I would see him.  Thank God for that day.  Thoughtful Jack never forgot my sister and I's birthday and he sent us Christmas cards every year.  My sister and I loved him not said nearly enough.  I am saying it now I love you Jack.  And I will be seeing you someday when god is ready for me.  I will not be scared, because I have so many people waiting for me.         

From Best Friend Craig S.

My Best Friend, Jack
Over the years Jack & I developed a special relationship. He was not just a motorcycle enthusiast, but a great man in so many areas. Looking back, I believe the most important thing I learned from his actions was that "Hip, Slick & Cool" is bullshit. To be able to love another man and allow him to love you was not "cool" where I came from. I am so grateful to have been able to share some time with Jack. Over many miles and many hours we enjoyed this new way of life together. I will have the memories of these great times for the rest of my life. I hope to share them with some of you as we make new ones. San Jose Jack went out doing something he loved to do. I believe he was comfortable in his own skin and right with his God. He made it all the way. To go out without drink or drug in the blood is a goal I strive for one day at a time. Is there "Eternal Life"? I am not sure, but know this - I used to believe there would be no fun without drink and drug. "Abandon yourself to God as you understand God. Admit your faults to Him and to your fellows. Clear away the wreckage of your past. Give freely of what you find and join us. We shall be with you in the Fellowship of the Spirit, and you will surely meet some of us as you trudge the Road of Happy Destiny. May God bless you and keep you - until then. "
I love you Jack.
Farewell My Friend.
May the wind be forever in your beard. I'll see you in God's time.
Your friend,
Craig S.
p.s.  Any of you coming thru Tennessee, or just want to talk, call me:  931-473-9040.


From Barbara Johnson:

My husband and I only met Jack a few times and it was through his Mom, Carol.  Carol had requested us to store a 400 lb. butcher block at our house that belonged to Jack.  Well, years went by and by but no Jack.  One day we received the dreaded phone call that our "beloved" butcher block would be getting a new home with there owners Jack and Judy.  When Jack came to get it he was by himself.  My husband was a little worried because he was not healthy enough at that time to help Jack.  Well, to make a long story short, Jack brought all the necessary tools (including his orange long bed wagon/truck) and managed to move that thing by himeself(remember it was 400 lbs.) -- he even was smiling while he did it.  We didn't know Jack as well as many but his life had an impact on us.  Just from our short meetings with him we could tell of his great attitude and love for life.  Thank you Jack.     

From Lynne W.

Dear Doug...thank you so very much for the pics of Jack's Memorial...I was stunned when I heard.  I got sober with Jack and we spent many...many a night going to meetings and breakfast just trying to hang on.  He was always a good friend.  I got to see him last November and we exchanged numbers and addresses.  Saturday Keith and I rode for Jack...we ran country roads all day and thought of all the good memories of Jack...we always laughed about Jack pulling up to the club with a screwdrive in his mouth...never knew when he would need one with his orange bike.  We loved him...thanks again...Love Lynne 





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