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Robert James Seevers Jr.
February 18, 1959-November 22, 2006

PicnicTable was a wonderful,loving husband, a true friend, devoted father and grandfather. When Picnic Table (aka Robert James Seevers Jr.) was a baby, his father would hang a special bassinet over the gas tank of his Harley-Davidson and take the him for a ride to help him get to sleep.

"For years, a motorcycle was his only means of transportation, and he would ride in the rain, wind, or snow. He wasn't himself without his bike."

Picnic died in his sleep Nov. 22 at his home is San Bernardino. He was 47.

He was born February 18, 1959, to Janis and Robert J. Seevers in Fontana.

By the time he was a teen, he was already following his father's passion, riding a motorcycle to Fontana High School.

Fifteen years ago, on his first clean and sober run, he earned the nickname that stuck -- Picnic table. He got the name "Picnic Table" for his sleeping choice one night.

The guy he went with was supposed to have a tent and a sleeping bag for him, but they weren't there when he got there," said his wife. "So he found a picnic table and slept there through the night.

Later the next day, when everyone was being introduced at the run, someone said "you are the picnic table guy", and it stuck.

Picnic went to every clean and sober run he could get to, many times because of the love and support he got from his biker brothers.  All the kids at the runs grew up knowing and loving Picnic, he was just another big kid to them!!

Thirteen years ago Picnic Table and Biker Bill Ferguson, founded A Way of Life Motorcycle Club, Southern California Chapter. They participated in runs in California and went to Harley-Davidson races in Phoenix, Woodburn, Bakersfield, and Las Vegas.

Along the way, he made friends with other sober motorcycle riders.

In 1997, Picnic met Marcie Davis-McCarty online and asked her if she liked Harleys. She responded with a "yes" and their romance was born.

We were married six years later in true biker fashion by a biker pastor at the Heritage Chapel in Las Vegas.

There were lots of clean and sober bikers there, and our Biker Vows included "to promise to ride behind him in wind or rain, through the Mojave Desert, and to stand by him even if the bike broke down, every step of the way."

To support the family, Picnic studied to become a certified Microsoft Computer Technician and later ran a business out of our home.

Picnic and I never lost our passion for biking. We rode and worked on motorcycles together.

And at the time of his death, Picnic had plans to build a Harley for me. I recently had his Heritage Softtail fenders and gas tank  painted blue and with gold flames to mark our third wedding anniversary. and the colors of A Way of Life M/C.

Picnic is also survived by stepfather Ray Brown of Texas; stepmother Mary Seevers of Cedar City, Utah; sister Sandra Genung of Ontario; brother Randy Brown of Hesperia; daughters Misty Murray of Las Vegas, Amanda Seevers of Redlands, and Katrina Seevers  of Murrieta; stepchildren Carissa Knoblock of Redwood City and Eric Shelverton of banning; and three grandchildren.

A memorial service was held Friday (December 1, 2006) at Grimes-Akes Family Funeral Home in Corona.

Take Picnic Table as an example. Live your life to the fullest, don't hold back, and be the best you can be. Because you never know what tomorrow will bring.

Always say, "I love you". Because tomorrow you may not be here, and the ones that don't know, never will.

If you fall, get back up. Because falling means that you've tried. "You fail when you don't try." Don't be afraid to fall.



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